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Pure Handloom Banarasi Wear

With Shoonya, you can explore high-quality pure banarasi handloom wear online. While keeping the traditional touch, we have also infused contemporary styles to make sure what you get is in step with the trends of today. To offer, we have pure silk, pure Katan silk, cotton silk, spun cotton, Muga, organza, Georgette, and Chanderi dupattas—and everything mentioned are pure handloom products.

In this blog post, we will talk more about the beautiful handloom wear you can choose from.

Let us take a deep understanding on Handloom. What is it?

A handloom is a loom that is applied to weave cloth minus electricity usage. Weaving is done by hand on frame or pit looms that are usually placed in a weaver’s home. The process of weaving Handloomis mainly done by interlacing two yarn sets—the weft (width) and the warp (length). The machinery that expedites the interlacing process is the loom. Since this loom is operated by hand, any product that is the result is a handloom fabric.

Since products made by hand are harder to replicate (that is, it lacks the symmetry of a machine), the end result is a rich, handcrafted genuine piece that will be treasured by you for years. The unevenness, the slight mistakes, whether in warp or weft makes these products so valuable. Plus, the human touch means that generations of skills and technical knowledge have been used to craft a single dupatta or saree. 

At Shoonya, the objective is to bring these exquisite handloom products to you. Straight from the loom to your closet.

Types of Pure HandloomBanarasi Fabrics & Products

Here is a small glimpse of the variety of pure handloom genuine products silk banarasi dupattas you can find at our store:

 Katan Silk Banarasi Dupatta

katan silk banarasi dupatta

Katan is a plain-woven fabric with pure silk threads. It is made up of two threads intertwined together and is often used for the warp of lighter fabrics. Due to the character of its production, it also makes an attractive textured backdrop for any craft that is to be made on the fabric to make it different. Katan silk is among the most readily recognized fabrics as it has a different look that helps it stand out.

Matka Silk

Matka Silk

Matka Silk is a coarse handloom silk fabric produced from the scrap Mulberry Silk (Bombyx Mori) without eliminating its gum part. It is mainly collected from the states of Kashmir and Karnataka but its spinning is produced in the Murshidabad and Malda regions in West Bengal. Even though it’s coarse, it does create the perfect backdrop for prints.

Organza Silk

Organza Silk

Organza is a light, modest weave, delicate fabric traditionally made from silk. The smooth and glossy organza silk sarees are very popular and now has a spacious assortment of collections with prints. It is a classic option for casual and semi-formal events. Shop for it here!

Chanderi Silk & Spun Cotton

Chanderi Silk & Spun Cotton

Chanderi silk, from the town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, is the only place where you will find this stunning lightweight fabric being made. Considered to be developed under royal patronage, the weave of Chanderi hasn’t lost its sheen over the years. Spun cotton, which is entirely handwoven has a similar lightweight feel and both textiles are great for summer.

Handwoven Georgette (popularly known as Khaddi)

Handwoven Georgette (popularly known as Khaddi)

Khaddi is a local name adopted by the natives so as to familiarise chiffon. The title has a questionable origin and was identified by both Arabians and French as “transparent cloth”. This stunning fabric has been popular around the globe due to its soft texture and lightness. Made out of silk, this dazzling piece is a wardrobe must-have. Georgette Banarasi is among the most splendid pieces of banarasi weaves there is.

This has been a brief glimpse into the quality and variety we provide at Shoonya, so visit us today to grab the best pure banarasi silk dupatta! We have the richest collection of luxurious, home-grown textiles that are traditional but contemporary and we have shown you some of the best we can offer. So buy online the latest in Banarasi Wear & Textiles.

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