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Online shopping for Banarasi Dupatta

What is a banarasi fabric? Banarasi is a silk fabric that is very well known for being used to make sarees and dupattas, it originated from Varanasi which is also known as Banaras. Banarasi sarees and dupattas are most known for their silver and gold brocade or zari, fine silk and embroidery. The sheer elegance of a pure banarasi silk dupatta or pure banarasi silk saree is mesmerizing. Any festival feels incomplete without pure silk banarasi wear. Buying a banarasi silk dupatta is easy and convenient but what do you do when you have to buy it online, how to choose the pure dupatta banarasi. While we talk about buying a dupatta banarasi online we should be aware of a...

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All About Your Banarasi Wear

The resplendence of a Banarasi saree is unmatched. Brought to India by the Mughals centuries ago, the art of weaving this beautiful piece of wearable art hasn’t ceased since. Do you remember the time you first wore your first pure banarasi silk saree? Or the first time your mother showed her bridal trousseau and you were amazed by the sheer brilliance with which the saree still gleamed? If you remember that feeling of awe, let us tell you the story of the banarasi. Today, we will talk about the process of weaving a banarasi saree, look at some of its other types, and also peek at some of the differences between power loom and handloom banarasi.   Process of Weaving...

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