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Shoonya Avant –Garde Banarasi
Shoonya is your one-stop online shop for all your authentic Indian & South Asian clothing from
Dupattas, Banarasi Wear, Sarees, fabrics, Lehengas, dress materials as well as exclusive
ensembles. We are inspired by our love for traditional Indian weaves and we therefore
perfectly fusion tradition with contemporary Indian fashion style. This makes us create
something that is unique and of very high quality. At Shoonya we highlight the essence of
Banarasi craftsmanship with a modern touch. We stock a wide range of quality Indian
traditional wear that you will not find elsewhere!
Our Banarasi silk Sarees are made from some of the best silk you will find in continental India
and this is why we stock only the best quality Banarasi wear you will find in the market. We
understand that Dupatta is important wedding clothing in India and this is why we offer only
quality fabrics that go well with the special occasion. For all your Indian clothing needs including
bridal Dupattas, fabrics, ensembles Lehenges count on Shoonya to provide you with the very
best. Shoonya clothing is actually Banaras handloom that is a colorful brand well reputed in the
world actually it has a global appeal due to its quality offerings.
About Shoonya brand
Due to the growing demand for designer handloom wear in India, I Saloni Seth and my co-
founder decided to come up with authentic Banarasi handloom apparel to satisfy the demand.
This was back in March 2017 when we embarked on our journey at the Hotel Ashok, New Delhi
India. We launched the Shoonya handloom brand and we are working to support the
government drive to promote such initiatives like; #IWearHandloom, and #MakeIndia and many
others. It is our desire to create a niche market for Banarasi Handloom textiles. Basically, we are
India’s as well as South East Asia’s Fashion one-stop-shop for all Banarasi needs and
requirements! At Shoonya expect Banarasi wear featuring modern fashion fused with
traditional wear.
Our vision isn’t just limited to the offering of authentic Banarasi apparels but also to see a
revival of the handloom industry in India. Yes, it is our desire to see that we uplift and support
the rebirth of the weaver’s community in the country in line with the latest government efforts
to support the industry. Our product offerings incorporate the latest fashion trends that are
fused together with authentic Indian culture and heritage.
Shoonya vision
Shoonya online store was born out of the love for elegant and authentic Indian ethnic wear and
this include; sarees, dupattas, salwars, fitted garments etc. Our vision is to be the top-in-class

online platform where lovers of authentic Indian women dressing as well as South Asian
traditional cum contemporary women clothing can be found. We boast of the best top quality
Indian-inspired products. At Shoonya Store we are obsessed with traditional Indian weaves but
we are also passionate about contemporary Indian clothing styles and dresses. That said, we
blend both the two as in, we fuse traditional and contemporary styles in the Banarasi
craftsmanship that is the hallmark of our products.
At Shoonya store it is our vision to expand to the global market and be the leading seller of
premium quality traditional ethnic Indian dressing for the ladies. Indeed we do not just sell to a
certain class of individuals in the society but have every lady out there covered. We offer all
Indian apparel accessories for all age groups in the society. It is our mission to continue
providing affordable dressing by offering quality products at competitive prices that you won’t
find anywhere else except at We strive to remain the leading online
platform that offers authentic ethnic Indian attire to esteemed customers who are usually
delighted to buy from us. From our website you can be able to sample some of the latest in
Indian fashion clothing products such as Sarees, Lehengas, party wear dresses, and even gowns
from different parts of India at affordable prices.
Our clothing products are usually sourced from the finest weavers, designers, and artisans
throughout India. It is our mission to make it easy for our customers to have limitless access to
timeless style and distinctive elegance of handcrafted products from India. We are the leader
when it comes to ethnic designer or traditional wear. Our mission is to keep on providing only
the best handpicked wedding Sarees, Dupattas, Banarasi wear, as well as apparel ensembles.
Our objectives
We are an online authentic Indian ethnic apparel store that believes that every woman out
there deserves to be her own unique beauty as the word ‘beauty’ for everyone is different.
Beauty for some mean being bold and confident whiles for some it means being gracious or
poised. We strive to be the leading provider of the Indian made Sarees as well as Dupattas
other related Indian women apparel products where women can buy Banarasi Dupatta online.
Indeed from our store you can easily find the best Indian bridal attire to buy. We offer a wide
range of Banarasi apparels so that our customers can buy red bridal Dupatta online.
It is our desire to see that we sell only top of class designer Dupatta online and indeed this is a
mission we have proudly achieved going forward. Our desire to offer the latest trends in Indian
fashion wear was inspired by our taste for high fashion as well as the new trends taking shape
currently in the fashion world. This is why we boast of a very large selection of Indian women’s
clothing and apparels. Some of our offerings include; Indian handloom Sarees, Banarasi
Dupattas, hand woven and handcrafted fabric products at beatable prices. We strive to become

the only best phulkari dupatta online company in the country and this is a feat is something
that our customers are really appreciating! We promise our customers only the best of quality
products as well as user-friendly customer services. We offer fashionable, designer, and
traditional handloom, handwoven sarees, dupattas and other dress materials from a number of
Indian states that produce them.
Our Range of Ethnic Wear at Shoonya:
We are the leader in the industry when it comes to offering quality Indian ladies wear which
include Sarees, Dupatta, Lehengas, salwar suits and so much more. Our products are
handpicked by professionals who understand the broad Indian ladies fashion & wear. Here
below are just some of the most purchased products from our product range offerings. It is up
to you to sample those that will help you create a signature of your own when it comes to your
taste of traditional fashion fused with a modern feel.
We boast of a wide range of Lehengas and it will be up to you to choose that which you feel
best suits your style and taste. We have got a variety of net embellished lehengas, bridal
lehengas, as well as those featuring Zari embroideries that will help make you look beautiful
and elegant during your special day. With our wide range of Lehengas offerings featuring
exquisitely embroidered lehengas that are embellished with stones and sequins you can be sure
to wow a crowd! There are just lots of options for you from our piles of lehengas such as
layered lehenga, fish cut lehenga, A-line lehenga, floral printed lehenga, jacketed lehenga or
even a designer lehenga. If you like to accentuate your lehengas well, we got you covered as
well and we will offer you lehengas with long cholis, draped lehengas & corset blouses and so
much more.
At Shoonya we offer you high quality Dupattas online for you to choose from. Our Dupattas
while themed in tradition have infused the modern stylish fashion to bring out something new
that goes with the current trends. Be it floral print beige color, chanderi Dupatta, black Banarasi
silk Dupatta, onion pink handloom Dupatta with flower highlights, pink rose flavored gray
Dupatta, beige color silk Banarasi Dupatta with handwork border, Raani pink color silk Banarasi
Dupatta with handwork border, or cotton silk white Banarasi Dupatta.
If you are passionate about traditional ladies Indian clothing then you certainly know how
sarees can help make you look elegant and cute. Sarees can be worn at anytime and for any

occasion and they can help you achieve any look that you desire to have. At Shoonya we have
made the process and work of searching for sarees easy for you. We have a wide range of
sarees on offering for our esteemed customers and some of them include; half and half sarees,
lehenga sarees, sari, ready pleated sarees, border sarees, butterfly pallu sarees, shikargah
Banarasi silk, black color shikargah Banarasi silk etc.
We offer a wide range of sarees with some made of pure silk, art silk, faux chiffon, crepe, and
cotton. You have the option of selecting your choice from this wide selection of quality sarees
that we have on offer. Indeed Indian dresses usually consist of a wide range of lightweight
fabrics and the good news is that at Shoonya online store we bring to you all of them! For a
selection of traditional handloom sarees you can count on us for a variety of cotton silk, raani
silk suit, gold jaal dupatta, katan silk banarasi saree, tomato red color silk banarasi, and katan
silk banarasi.
Dress materials
At Shoony online store we stock the most diverse Indian traditional dress material collection for
our customers to choose from. Among some of our dress material offerings include; orange
peach & yellow cotton silk suit dress material, hot Raani pink silk suit dress material, pure beige
gold Jaal Dupatta with contrast red fabric, red color cotton silk suit dress material, lemon yellow
cotton silk suit dress material, orange & aqua blue color cotton silk suit dress material and
many others more.