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A Token of Gratitude: Here's How to Return Gift

If you grew up in the late 90s to early 2000s, do you remember the feeling when you went to a birthday party and came back home stuffed with cake and with a small bag of goodies? To be honest, how many of us liked to go to birthday parties just for the return gifts? While we’re all older now and birthday parties are different, you can still give away tokens of gratitude to your guests, whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or a housewarming party. Here are some ideas for return gifts for guests. Treasure Chests for EveryoneJewellery boxes are surely great return gifts for wedding guests. There are several shops, both online and offline, that make personalised jewellery...

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Made in India, Shoonya is looking to make the age-old tradition of attar into something new, into a convenient avatar of perfume alchemy for men and women to use today. The indulgence of ittar is unmatched and we think everyone should experience it. Therefore, we priced it at an affordable rate and created a container that is perfect for the contemporary fragranceenthusiast.

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If you are new to attar but have always loved it and have worried if it can fit in your lifestyle, Shoonya offers an easy way to integrate this intense elixir into your life. Perfect for personal use, Noor is also great as a wedding gift set, or as gifts for your friends and family. It is not only for use but it also becomes a part of your aesthetic. Inspired by the jewels and the Persian history of attar-making, the container comes with a resplendent box and the spray bottle itself comes studded with rhinestones.

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