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A Token of Gratitude: Here's How to Return Gift

If you grew up in the late 90s to early 2000s, do you remember the feeling when you went to a birthday party and came back home stuffed with cake and with a small bag of goodies? To be honest, how many of us liked to go to birthday parties just for the return gifts? While we’re all older now and birthday parties are different, you can still give away tokens of gratitude to your guests, whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or a housewarming party. Here are some ideas for return gifts for guests.

Treasure Chests for Everyone
Jewellery boxes are surely great return gifts for wedding guests. There are several shops, both online and offline, that make personalised jewellery boxes for gifting purposes. You can fill them with anything you want—sweets, little trinkets, a card expressing your gratitude for celebrating your special day with you and so on.

A Sweet Return
If it’s your child’s birthday party or a housewarming party that you are hosting, a small box of personalised chocolate is a delightful return gift. Whoever likes chocolates and sweet things will greatly appreciate this return gift for functions. For younger partygoers, you can easily switch the chocolate out with colourful candies.

Sugarwish: Sweet treats for the holidays - ColoradoBiz Magazine

A Fragrant Token
Perfume gift sets make for really great return gifts for guests in Indian wedding,
especially if it’s something as luxurious and delightful as attar. They come in a stunning package, so you would not even need to worry about presentation. And attar in the modern avatar comes in a spray bottle, so it will be appreciated by everyone.

Mini Goodies
Mini toiletries, like lotion, body mists and soap, are great as housewarming return gifts. Several beauty brands online retail miniature, travel-sized versions of their products, so acquiring a bulk order to give away to guests won’t be a problem at all. Mini toiletries become return wedding gifts they will use. It is just a very thoughtful gift that clearly shows your gratitude for their presence on your special day.

Cheers for All the Good Times
Sure we are all grown up, but birthday return gifts can grow up with us too. A good way to show your friends some love is mini alcohol sets. Whether it is vodka or whiskey, you can avail of mini alcohol sets from most retailers. Your friends will enjoy this for sure.

Share The Fun Assorted 50ml Mini Bar Bottle Gift Box. 10pc Set

Art on a Plate
Best as return gifts for guests in Indian wedding, minakari plates are something that lasts long and is useful. It is a pretty home decor item that your guests will certainly use, which ensures that your guests will remember your wedding for a long, long time.

As nice it is to receive gifts, giving gifts is also a fulfilling experience. Whether it’s your kid’s birthday party, a wedding or a housewarming party, the culture of return gifting is rather wonderful as it shows just how much you care about others sharing your special day. With this guide, we hope you get some inspiration for your next big party.