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Bridal Trousseau Is Incomplete Without Banarasi Sarees & Dupattas

The wedding day for a woman is a monumental day of her life. She is going to start a new chapter of her life after all. And she needs the perfect attire to step into this new phase of her life. For ages, women have made a pure banarasi silk saree a part of their bridal trousseau. Imagining a bridal trousseau without a banarasi saree and a dupatta is unthinkable!

The Indian Wedding Dress

Indian weddings are an auspicious occasion dipped in traditional fervor, friends and family, customs and rituals, and lots, lots of fun. An Indian wedding is a beautiful event with dance, music, and decorations.

Indian Wedding Dress

In keeping with tradition, the wedding dress hasn’t undergone many changes throughout the years. Brides often accessorize how they wish, but they always choose a traditional textile when they get married. And the wedding dress itself holds so much symbolism and importance. Often a single saree says much about the designs of the time, the color the bride considers lucky for her and so on. Traditionally, brides choose red or a variant of red for their wedding day (do you know why red is the chosen color? We will tell you in a while!).

The bride may choose a ghagra-choli, a salwar kameez or a saree. The material might be georgette, silk, organza, chiffon or cotton. Then comes the stunning motifs of birds, paisleys, foliage, and much, much more. Brides play the rich designs up with accessories, mostly made of gold studded with precious or semi-precious stones. Some of this jewelry are gifts, some are passed from mother to daughter. Did you know pure banarasi silk sarees can be passed on too? When taken care of well, a banarasi saree never loses its sheen! Brides often wear their mothers’ sarees!

Banarasi Saree

Years of heritage and history surround the banarasi. So when you pick your trousseau, don’t forget to keep in mind the culture you carry and mostly, make sure you remain comfortable in whatever you choose.

Red: Why is it so auspicious?

Among the many, many reasons, the Goddess Durga can be called a reason. The color red depicts her strong image as she kills the demon. Hindu brides often choose the shade to reflect the immense inner strength Durga is attributed with.

Then if you look at Indian astrology, red is the color of Mars, and the planet is in charge of marriage, so a bride wears red to signify fertility and prosperity. Then, there is a universal reason: red is the color of love. And marriage is the strongest bond of love!

In all, red means an auspicious moment. So when a marriage becomes the most auspicious moment for a woman, a bridal trousseau is incomplete without a red saree or a pure silk banarasi dupatta.

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