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How the Shoonya brand is contributing to fostering the continued use of Banarasi Sarees

Shoonya is a designer Banarasi Sarees brand that deals exclusively in the sale of premium quality Banarasi Saree wear. The lead designers there, Saloni Seth who is the co-founder of the brand herself loves Banarasi wear and it is through her inspiration for creating traditional Banarasi wear fused with modern and chic clothing styles, that the Shoonya brand was born. The brand continues to support the production of original traditional Sarees which they source from the traditional handloom weavers and put on offer at their store. The Shoonya brand continues with setting the trend in Banarasi fashion and style by offering new styles for women
to choose from. If it is the embroidered Banarasi sarees that you want, you will be able to find them at Shoonya Store. You will also find almost every type of Banarasi Saree styles from the Shoonya store.