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Latest Trends in Banarasi Dupattas & Sarees

The banarasi weave has remained a classic since the age of kings and queens. It has remained the favoured option for a bridal trousseau and even now when brides have more options than ever before, they still choose the classic banarasi. Right now, lots of fun and interesting things are happening with banarasi, especially with young, new designers like Kshitij Jalori reinventing the weave on a larger, global scale. But if a banarasi brocade swimsuit (that you can’t swim in!) is not your thing, then Shoonya can offer you some of the latest banarasi saree and dupatta trends you can definitely check out for yourself.

  • Blossoms Galore
    Flowers are back and they back with a bang. Many designers today are experimenting with floral designs and making it more modern, cooler for a younger generation to carry it with aplomb. From taking inspiration from ancient silk art to working with more summery fabrics, the end result is brilliant and more floral and gold motifs could become the next trend in pure banarasi silk sarees!   
  • Banarasi and Chanderi Make Everything Better
    The most common problem most women have with banarasi sarees and banarasi silk dupatta is that they are too heavy. Well, the pure silk ones usually are. However, good news for the ones who don’t want to suffer under the weight of silk: chanderi. Chanderi is a lighter weave which is made from both cotton and silk and combined with the opulence of banarasi techniques, you get lighter, brighter options to wear for parties and other events!
  • Beauty Lies in The Butidar
    Butidar is basically a type of design that is very common for banarasi sarees and dupattas. If you have ever shopped for banarasi silk saree online, you have come across rich silk sarees with prominent gold zari work in the shape of small dots all over the sare surface. This is such a classic and it still reigns as the most popular. Often, heavy designs make a banarasi saree more bridal but the butidar technique keeps it casual.
  • Belt It
    This trend is not new and it has been growing since last year but now, it feels like it is becoming more mainstream. Those who are still not very confident with belting a saree, you can test the waters with a banarasi silk dupatta instead. A simple salwar suit with a bright, rich banarasi dupatta with a belt adds a twist and a whole lot of visual interest. You can’t go wrong with this trend!
  • Bringing Back the Traditional Meenakari Banarasi
    The floral trend train is not stopping!  With sarees in focus, and with stress on bridal wear, the ancient meenakari art of weaving banarasi sarees is making a solid return. With rich, vibrant jewel tones, this sarees must be a part of every 2019 bride’s bridal trousseau. Surely, 2019 is an exciting year for pure silk banarasi silk sarees and dupattas.

Final Word
Don’t hold back on the regality a pure silk banarasi dupatta and saree can give you. With all these trends that are reinventing the banarasi, you are spoilt with choices now!