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Distilled from freshly-picked roses, Noor uses traditional ways of making perfume to bring you a whole bouquet of delicious notes over an aqua base. It takes you to a garden of summer roses. Noor opens with the intensely romantic fragrance of roses to make the woman wearing it feel special and imbue her with confidence. In the heart of Noor lies an intoxicating sweetness, it is
an expression of unadulterated femininity.

If you are new to attar but have always loved it and have worried if it can fit in your lifestyle, Shoonya offers an easy way to integrate this intense elixir into your life. Perfect for personal use, Noor is also great as a wedding gift set, or as gifts for your friends and family. It is not only for use but it also becomes a part of your aesthetic. Inspired by the jewels and the Persian history
of attar-making, the container comes with a resplendent box and the spray bottle itself comes studded with rhinestones.

Noor not only gives you an unmatched signature fragrance but also becomes a piece to be admired on your vanity. Ittar bottles usually come in a small, roll-on packaging but Noor comes in a handy spray bottle. Since ittar is made from distilling botanic oils, it often leads to staining. However, Noor does not have that problem and you can safely use it on clothes with no consequence. Spray it on your pressure points and you are good to go.

Noor is portable and you can carry it with you anywhere. It comes in a stylish and sturdy bottle. You can carry it in your purse for instant touch-ups. It becomes the best way for a modern woman to indulge in the wonderful indulgence of ittar. Convenient and affordable, Noor is the new way to wear ittar.