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Online shopping for Banarasi Dupatta

What is a banarasi fabric? Banarasi is a silk fabric that is very well known for being used to make sarees and dupattas, it originated from Varanasi which is also known as Banaras. Banarasi sarees and dupattas are most known for their silver and gold brocade or zari, fine silk and embroidery. The sheer elegance of a pure banarasi silk dupatta or pure banarasi silk saree is mesmerizing. Any festival feels incomplete without pure silk banarasi wear.

Buying a banarasi silk dupatta is easy and convenient but what do you do when you have to buy it online, how to choose the pure dupatta banarasi.

While we talk about buying a dupatta banarasi online we should be aware of a few things such as what is an ideal length of a banarasi silk dupatta. The ideal and genuine length of the dupatta should be 2.5 M and not less, this is one the right indicates that it is a banarasi dupatta. The market provides you with different length according to your choice of how long do you wish to wear the dupatta.

Banarasi silk dupatta

Another most important thing to check on is the fabric of the dupatta. Banarasi silk dupatta has four types of fabrics which make them different from each other. The four different types are Katan (pure silk), Organza/Kora (a mixture of silk and zari), Georgette and Shattir. People usually go for Katan if they wish to choose a pure silk banarasi dupatta.

Last but not the least key point to take care of while you pick up a pure silk banarasi dupatta is to choose the right weave and to choose if you wish to have a handloom or power loom banarasi silk dupatta. The difference between them is handloom dupattas are soft in touch and often have threads left at the end which are called “gonda”. Whereas power loom dupattas are a little on the rough side as they are pinned to “Khaat” while weaving.

Ever wondered that you finally bought the pure silk banarasi dupatta and do not know how to maintain it? Maintaining your silk banarasi dupatta is very important if you wish to keep it intact for years and it is expensive and you do not want the charm of it to go. For every woman, a silk banarasi is a prized possession.

silk banarasi dupatta

While taking care of your silk banarasi dupatta make sure you do not use soap, wash it with plain water and mildest detergent and quickly remove it and put it for drying. While washing do not use brushes and lash it with lead to tearing your silk banarasi dupatta. Also, do not keep it wet for longer. If the dupatta gets stained use cold water to wash it away. While ironing the dupatta make sure you use medium steam.

Final Word

While everything is online so has these magnificent products are available online too and of the best online shopping for banarasi silk dupatta is Shoonya it gives you a wide variety of designs and choices at an affordable price and satisfies your need of having a pure silk banarasi saree or dupatta.