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Versatile and fresh, Rooh is for both men and women. With playful top notes of aqua and a captivating heart of freshness, this unisex fragrance reminds one of lush gardens tucked in velvet deep midnights. Just one spritz can give you the confidence you need and will have people wondering what your signature scent is. The fresh vibrancy of Rooh is great anytime and for special occasions.

Made in India, Shoonya is looking to make the age-old tradition of attar into something new, into a convenient avatar of perfume alchemy for men and women to use today. The indulgence of ittar is unmatched and we think everyone should experience it. Therefore, we priced it at an affordable rate and created a container that is perfect for the contemporary fragrance

If not for personal use, Rooh presents itself as a perfect wedding gift set as well. It is the perfect gift for friends and family. The bejewelled case and bottle makes it the perfect piece to display on your vanity. We promise the packaging will seamlessly become a part of your aesthetic and lifestyle. Ittar bottles usually come in a miniature, roll-on packaging but Rooh comes in an ingenious
spray bottle. Since ittar is produced from distilling botanic oils and essences, it usually manages to stain clothing. However, Rooh does not have that predicament and you can safely use it on clothes. Spray it on your pressure points to get the best of all the notes in Rooh.

Rooh is portable and you can carry it with you anywhere. It comes in a chic and sturdy container. You can carry it on your person for instant freshness on the go. It becomes the best way for a contemporary fragrance-lover to incorporate the fine luxury of ittar. Handy and affordable, Rooh is the new way to use ittar.