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Top Designers Take on Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees are Mughal inspired and handwoven by Muslim artisans in the city of Varanasi also known as Banaras. Silk was earlier imported from China but now the Chinese and Japanese silk is replaced by silk in the Banaras market. The government is taking a take in saying that they are trying to create innovative ways in which weaving could get easier and a few top designers have a say, saying that they wish to set up factories in Varanasi in effort to bring back the lost glory of banarasi silk saree which in the name of modernism is lost somewhere.          Top designers have made sure of keeping the essence of royalty and elegance of banarasi silk saree...

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Bridal Trousseau Is Incomplete Without Banarasi Sarees & Dupattas

The wedding day for a woman is a monumental day of her life. She is going to start a new chapter of her life after all. And she needs the perfect attire to step into this new phase of her life. For ages, women have made a pure banarasi silk saree a part of their bridal trousseau. Imagining a bridal trousseau without a banarasi saree and a dupatta is unthinkable! The Indian Wedding Dress Indian weddings are an auspicious occasion dipped in traditional fervor, friends and family, customs and rituals, and lots, lots of fun. An Indian wedding is a beautiful event with dance, music, and decorations. In keeping with tradition, the wedding dress hasn’t undergone many changes throughout the...

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