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The Changing Trends And Variety

Since time immemorial Sarees have formed a staple wear for Indian women and it makes them look beautiful in them. Indeed seeing an Indian woman who is elegantly draped in Sarees that are vintage looking in the streets remains a never ending seen in India. Over the ages, there have been tremendous changes in the various styles of Sarees Indian women have worn in the past. But even with all these beautiful styles of Sarees, Banarasi Sarees remain the most famous
and they have never and will perhaps never get out of fashion! The enigmatic charm that is kept in Banarasi Sarees perhaps is what has entrapped Indian women to these Banarasi Sarees! The versatility of Sarees that is the fact that it can be worn either as part of a wedding attire or simply just as a part of family function wear makes it part and parcel of the Indian woman’s authentic wear. Weaving of the Banarasi Sarees is one traditional art that has been practiced by
generations since the ancient times. Banarasi Sarees have been associated with royalty wear owing to its origins that is closely linked to the Queen of India Sarees. Most designs of Sarees are inspired by the Mughal era and are different from other forms of Sarees.

Shikargarh Sarees

Sarees offers variety:

Banarasi Sarees have managed to remain in the trends for so long and perhaps will remain so for so many years to come is due to the many varieties that are available. Please check out at Shoonya Store for the various types of Banarasi Sarees that you can choose from. There is a large collection of variety there just for you to choose from. Just to mention a few of the different types of styles of Banarasi Sarees to keep you in the know; Jamdani – this has got a Muslim touch and it features cotton that is brocaded with silk to bring out a unique effect.
There is the Jangla style that is also widely preferred by a proportionate number of Indian women. The young women on their part prefer Tachoi Saree that features silk yarns with additional wefts.