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Timeless Banarasi Fabrics Are Now Available in Contemporary Designs

There have been countless crafts and arts that have gotten lost as humanity moved on. The art of carpet craft in Kashmir, called Namdas, is on the verge of disappearing completely. Often, it is due to the fact that the new generations are not keen to learn the skills that have been passed on from generation to generation. Other times, it is often the art that becomes backdated and fails to keep up with contemporary tastes. However, the weaving industry, which has survived since ancient times, is one place where modern tastes can be accommodated. 

At Shoonya, we are taking the ancient craft of Banarasi and turning them into contemporary design, one apparel at a time. In this blog, we want to throw some attention on a few pieces we are offering to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.

  • Black Parindaa Dupatta With Multi-Stud Handwork

Black Parindaa Dupatta With Multi-Stud Handwork

The stud detailing of a leather jacket is a timeless look, and with this pure handloom dupatta, we take that inspiration and turn the gold and zari bird motifs into something else, something steeped in tradition but also modern!

  • Black & Grey Short Banarasi Zipper Jacket

Black & Grey Short Banarasi Zipper Jacket

The banarasi gets reinvented with this jacket. The sheer panels and the banarasi brocade panels alternate to create a visual masterpiece. The lightweight fabric and the muted gold design on the black silk make it a subtle but stunning option for any event. We leave it to you to style it to bring out the best of this jacket.

  • Dark Blue Velvet-e-Banarasi Skirt With Net Dupatta

Dark Blue Velvet-e-Banarasi Skirt With Net Dupatta

Velvet has been doing the rounds in both international and local fashion for a couple of years now. And with each season, designers are finding ways to reinvent it. This dark blue velvet skirt gets a banarasi upgrade and the rich magenta net dupatta makes for the most stunning, statement look. 

  • Denim-e-Banarasi 


Denim is a classic and banarasi is a classic, so it is obvious we put two and two together to come up with this ensemble! The tie and dye skirt matches exquisitely with the denim crop top decorated with banarasi motifs. 

  • Brocade Designer Banarasi Belts / Accessories

Brocade Designer Banarasi Belts / Accessories

If you are not sure about beginning with banarasi with bigger pieces, maybe this knot belt is just right for you? People often shy from banarasi silk sarees and dupattas because they tend to get heavy and not everyone is comfortable with heavier apparel. Start small with this dainty belt that you can easily style as an accessory to make any outfit stand out. 

  • Banarasi Sarees & Dupattas Adorned With Designer Border 

Banarasi Sarees & Dupattas Adorned With Designer Border

This amazing magenta dupatta gets a modern upgrade with the scalloped edges. The classic design of bootis keeps things traditional. This dupatta is assured to jazz up any outfit you wear!

  • Lemon Yellow Dupatta Blossoms

Lemon Yellow Dupatta Blossoms

This light, airy dupatta was already a delight thanks to the vibrant summery yellow but with the addition of blazing blossoms, this dupatta takes an entirely different look. 

Final Word

So, here was a small list of the contemporary pieces we can offer you at Shoonya, so be sure to visit us soon! At Shoonya, we bring you the latest designer Banarasi apparels at affordable prices. SHOP ONLINE with us to check out our world of designer banarasi.